Burrumbuttock to the Murray in Victoria

After a miserable rainy afternoon in Burrumbuttock we woke to clear skies around sunrise. I couldn’t resist the temptation to take some photos of the area in a more attractive light.

We had not unhitched the caravan the previous night. This made for a quick getaway. We headed to the Howlong Recreation Area to empty the cassette. Straight after leaving Howlong, we crossed the Murray leaving New South Wales behind and entering Victoria.

Our destination was on the Murray, Police Paddock (CAW6, Vic, #292) which is close to Rutherglen. We managed to find a lovely spot with great views to the Murray.

Although there are quite a few vans here, they are spread out along the Murray and we do not feel hemmed in by neighbours.

I spent most of the afternoon assembling cables needed for the installation of the auxiliary battery in the LandCruiser for the Engel fridge/freezer. Lesley was reading a book on the iPad and doing a bit of bird watching.

This we believe is a female Magpie-lark.

A group of these little birds was flitting around on the ground and in the fallen branches nearby. They moved very fast and I am amazed Lesley managed to get such great shots, despite their swiftness. This is probably a female Splendid Fairy-Wren.

In the afternoon it clouded over a fair bit and the solar cells did not manage to compensate for the day’s consumption. Compounded with yesterday’s rainy afternoon this probably will mean putting on the generator tomorrow unless it is a brilliant day.

In the evening we sat under our awning and watched the world go by. This kayak was drifting down the Murray with the current and only a second before I took the shot did he start paddling, probably to adjust for a log in the water.

Flowers on the riverbank.

The sound of this group of Cockatoos was quite unnerving. Thankfully they shut up at sundown.

Sulphur-crested Cockatoo.

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