Camp oven cooking on heat beads

We were going to cook dinner on a camp fire last night. Lesley remembered having read at the entrance to the state park some rules about camp fires. I drove back to check it out and sure enough an open camp fire is not allowed. Either dig a pit 30cm deep or use a built fireplace. So our choofer would be ok – but that is on the roofrack and it just seems a bit too much work to get that down. Heat beads must be the answer, although our chimney to start the heat beads is also on the roof rack.

In the end we decided – it can’t be that hard to light some heat beads and once they are lit they should burn for hours. So we lit some fire starters in the old frying pan and placed the heat beads on top. After a couple of tries we had the heat beads covered with white ash, a sign that they are ready for cooking.

Beef cheeks were on the menu. Lesley placed the camp oven on top of some of the beads and placed more beads on the lid as well.

When some of the beads had burned away, we decided it was dinner time. While the dinner tasted great, the meat probably would have been more tender had it been possible to cook it for a bit longer. You live and learn. Given that this was the first attempt at cooking with heat beads, we can be quite pleased with the turn out. We also learned that it would have been well worthwhile to get the chimney from the roof rack.

Right on dusk I spotted this bird on a tree branch in the river. Little Pied Cormorant?


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2 Responses to Camp oven cooking on heat beads

  1. Vividhunter says:

    Looks so tasty ^^

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