Rutherglen and Warrabilla Wines

Sunday, 24th of March I finished off the installation of the Lithium Battery and connected it all up. I haven’t switched on the fridge yet, but it was time to go for a run to see how the charging goes.

We drove into Rutherglen, first stop as most of the time the information centre. We received a warm welcome and the lady spent quite some time with us to help us find our way around the area. In the village Rutherglen it is easy to find your way. Basically it’s just the main road with a few side streets. The Murray Valley Highway actually passes through the village which makes for more traffic than in most villages.

There are lots of historic buildings and I enjoyed the holiday feeling of the town. There are busy coffee shops and the smell of fresh bread emanates from the bakery that displays a sign ‘Today – Sourdough Bread’.

The old railway line that used to run through Rutherglen has been paved over and now is a cycle track. It is part of the Murray to Mountain cycle track, The Rail Trail section. This explains the many bicycles we can see. It doesn’t explain how these cycles got above the entrance to this beer garden… (Lesley’s photo)

When we were in Victoria last Easter a fellow caravanner gave us a taste of Durif – a wine variety we never heard of and certainly never tasted it. It is a gorgeous wine. As we were in the area we wanted to visit the winery, Warrabilla Wines. This was a few kilometres along the Murray Valley Highway. We spent a good hour at the winery chatting to this lady from Namibia. Not only did we talk about wines, we exchanged life stories. Very enjoyable way to spend an hour. We found the Durif just as delightful as we remembered and purchased some of this and some other wines.

The woman at Warrabilla Wines recommended the Taste Restaurant in Rutherglen for a spot of lunch. They offer a diverse menu, even a degustation menu. I had a selection of titbits such as scampi, wild rabbit, duck and pear – delicious. Lesley had pork saltimbocca with polenta. We certainly enjoyed our lunch – a pity I couldn’t include a glass of wine as I thought after the wine tasting I shouldn’t add more alcohol to the system.

We returned to our campsite after about 50km driving all up. Checking the battery condition showed that the car had charged the batteries successfully. Very pleased with the outcome.

Late afternoon Kay and Bruce arrived at our camping area and found a spot nearby.

Once they were set up, they joined us under our awning for a good chat.

Reeds lit be the setting sun.

In the other direction, the moon rising. It will be full moon on Wednesday.

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2 Responses to Rutherglen and Warrabilla Wines

  1. jkmcl says:

    YOu are sneaky with your camera Erich- I had forgotten that but never again!

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