An other visit to Rutherglen

Today, Monday 25th of March we went into Rutherglen again to do a bit of shopping. Mainly to find an Easter present for our grandson. We dropped into a few shops without finding anything suitable for the age group. The Post Office was our last choice and finally success.

We stopped at Parker Pies for a cappuccino and a snack. For me it was a pastie (luckily I don’t have to pronounce this in a blog post – I always get the pronunciation wrong) and Lesley had a Pepper Steak Pie. Parker Pies is an amazing pie bakery – their pie range includes ‘Jolly Jumbuck’, ‘Buffalo Bill’, Kangaroo, Emu, Rutherglen Red (Tender chunks of beef, slowly cooked in a rich mushroom and red wine sauce) and many others. All of them delicious I am sure. Check out ‘Our Pies‘ on their website.

Today lunch and dinner will be from Parker Pies. Our snack in the morning is actually lunch and for dinner Lesley is baking a couple of frozen pies we bought from Parker Pies.

I loved the sentiment of this sign and must admit, I tasted a port at Warabilla Wines and had to buy a bottle of their Vintage Port.

We parked at the Information Centre mentioned in the last post.

On the way back to the car we noticed some of the damage sustained in the recent tornado that went through Rutherglen.

After looking at the above article, I recognised the car dealer ship. When I saw it, I didn’t realise the damage was so recent and I thought it was just an other derelict building.

The sign pointing out one of the entry points of the Rail Trail mentioned in my last post.

The road from the camp site to Rutherglen leads through wheat and cattle country. On the way in I was looking for an easy spot to get off the road to take some photos. I love the contrast of the cut wheat with the trees and the black cattle. This was the easiest spot for me to pull off the road to catch some of the scenery.

Driving back along through the camping area, I noticed that there was a track at the back that runs along the fields of a farm. So I went for a walk along this track to take some more photos.

While we are still in the plains of the Murray Valley, in the background you can see the mountains of Victoria’s high country.

I returned to the caravan taking a path as close as possible to the Murray.

Our friends Chuck and Catriana arrived in the evening and the six of us had a great reunion.

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