to Gentle Annie, Whitfield, King Valley via Howlong

A couple of photos taken with Lesley’s camera on the last evening we spent at the Police Paddocks. A pair of parrots enjoying each others company.

We knew that there was a dump point in Howlong as we had used it before. I went for a quick run to dump the contents of the cassette. On the way I stopped in a couple of places for photos.

Vineyard between Rutherglen and Howlong

On my return we hooked up the van and said good bye to our friends who will stay two more days before joining us at Gentle Annie. Soon we were on our way. We stopped in Wangaratta for grocery shopping. We knew that Whitfield’s grocery store had burned down, so we had to stock up before getting there. We tried to get water as well, but the water facility (coin operated) did not have the right fitting for our tanks.

Driving up through the King Valley the scenery changed considerably. Gone were the wide plains replaced with hills and mountains in the background. No wonder this is a touristy area.

A caravenersforum gathering is being held at Gentle Annie near Whitfield. Arriving at Gentle Annie‘s we found Bob and Bev had already arrived. We parked close to them as the park managers want to fit in as many vans as possible over the Easter Period. (Lesley’s Photo)

We are in the unpowered area and a little bit further away from the river. All the same we can hear the nearby river gurgle. This is a beautiful setting. The following photos were all taken within 200 meters of our campsite.

The nearby cows might have something to do with the population of flies, which are quite annoying. At least no mosquitoes. This is part of our table at dinner time.

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1 Response to to Gentle Annie, Whitfield, King Valley via Howlong

  1. Jill Joicey says:

    Happy Easter hope you are both well. Look forward to the blog and all I can say is ENVY .
    Good luck to you am so glad for you . Keep safe and say hi to the Coulls .

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