To Maldon with the Victorian Goldfields Railway

The organiser of the get together is a volunteer with the Victorian Goldfields Railway. He arranged a trip for us on the VGR from Muckleford station to Maldon via Castlemaine. We went to the Muckleford station where we waited to board the first class carriage.

The train worked hard on the uphill slope from Maldon.

In the background you can see the firefighting truck that follows the steam trains to combat any fires, in the unlikely event of sparks from the engine starting a fire.

It was a treat travelling in the first class carriage with Lesley and the others. (all photos inside carriage by Lesley)

The old world charm, complete with waiter serving wines and beer, was a reminder of times gone by.

During our stop in Castlemaine, the engine was reversed on a turntable and then attached to the other end of the train.

View out the back of the carriage, soon to be the front of the train.

We returned the way we came but this time proceeding on to Maldon. It was a little walk from the station into the village. Maldon is a charming village with many old buildings. Our first stop was at the Kangaroo Hotel where we had a good lunch in the beer garden.

The time passed quickly and we had to return to the station. On the way back I explored an old mining area. Gold was the foundation of this town.

Following are some more photos on the way back.

We left the train in Muckleford and waved good bye to the engine driver and train.

Following a few scenes around Muckleford rail station

We then returned to our camp site.

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1 Response to To Maldon with the Victorian Goldfields Railway

  1. Jill Joicey says:

    Hey no bias at all !!!you are seeing all the wonderful places MY Victoria has to offer .Thankyou for sharing tho .Love to you both,

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