Near Castlemaine – trip to Ballarat and Daylesford

Thursday, 11th April 2013. We needed to get into a town which offered a number of services that are not normally offered in small towns. e.g. we needed a Telstra office to sort out what to do with our internet usage. I needed to get my glasses fixed up after a mishap. I also wanted to get a few bits and pieces to finalise the battery set up. Ballarat was the answer. We were not that far from Ballarat and by 11:00am we had everything achieved. Ballarat has a few nice buildings. However as a town it was not very inspiring to us. We prefer small towns.

On the way back we went via Daylesford. I have fond memories of the area as I attended a ConFest in the area in the 1980s. I suppose attended is not quite the right word as I was heavily involved in setting up the area for the ConFest. I travelled to Victoria specifically for the ConFest. I flew to Adelaide from Perth, hitch hiked through the Barossa Valley and stayed in Caravan Parks in a very small one person tent. I assisted in erecting a stage and was also part of the parking lot welcoming team. I remember visiting this quaint village to purchase some supplies – Daylesford. While the village has changed considerably, much more touristy, it still is a gem.

We had a good lunch (Croque Monsieur for Lesley, evoking memories of Switzerland/France, basically a toasted ham, cheese and mustard sandwich but so much better than the description and this one was fantastic and slow cooked pork belly focaccia for Erich), at the Daylesford Hotel, a beautifully restored hotel that is a mixture of modern and preserved history.

Many beautiful buildings have been restored and give the place an old time feeling.

This was our last day near Castlemaine. We returned to a nearly deserted Camping Area. We spent some 10 days here and reinforced some old friendships and forged some new ones. Together with the help of Terry, we managed to set up the LandCruiser and the Caravan with Lithium Batteries. That is an other story and will be the subject of my next post.

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  1. Coolabah1au says:

    Good morning try to come down yesterday after after spending all day in shepp visiting friends went to pick up carpet they pull up was to good to through out did want to say hello to bettett65 not sure how long he was staying in tocumwal ok any way happy travels Wayne nini

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