From Castlemaine it was a short drive to Bendigo. We headed to the showgrounds where we had a site with electricity and water. Bendigo has some nice old buildings.

We didn’t stay long in the city center – in fact we didn’t even take advantage of the 2 hour parking time we paid for.

We stayed at the showgrounds for 3 nights. Doing the laundry was one of the chores, replacing the manifold to fill our water tanks with a new one as one of the valves was misbehaving and watching a bit of the horse trials in the showground on the Friday/Saturday.

Sunday is market day and we spent a bit of time walking through the markets.

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  1. Jill Joicey says:

    Hi Lesley and Erich ,enjoying your blog so much. That big Catholic church was where my friend Bev was married and I was her bridesmaid very long aisle to walk down then and it was expanded after that,lots of Catholics to fit in!!! love to you both XXX

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