To Temora

Wednesday, 17th of April. We said our good byes to Peter and Raena – till we meet again. We travelled on back roads mainly through wheat country. All the wheat has already been harvested and only stubble remains. This is by now very familiar scenery. Indeed we are now in an area that we have travelled through before.

We stopped at Lockhart, the veranda town. It deserves this attribute by having continuous verandas on both sides of the main street. We stopped at the Old Bank Bakery for a toasted Focaccia and a great mug of cappuccino. While the building has been extensively modified, the bank vault attests to it’s origin.

We were headed for Temora showgrounds. We had visited the town previously but this time it was just for an overnight stop. We actually never ventured outside the showgrounds.

These peppercorn trees are in the showgrounds. In Ariah Park, which is close by, we learned that peppercorn trees often lined the streets and we have seen them throughout the region.

In the morning we heard joggers outside – they were off to the paceway for their morning training.

As we hadn’t unhitched the caravan or opened the awning, it was a quick getaway in the morning.

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