Town Beach Tocumwal

Monday, 15th of April. From Bendigo we headed north-east to Tocumwal. We have quite a bit of driving ahead of us to be in Port Macquarie on the 25th of April for an appointment on the 27th. This drive was around 200km – about 1000km to go.

Town Beach is a lovely setting. We were able to get a site right next to the Murray.

(Lesley’s photo)

We decided to stay a couple of nights in this lovely setting. When we were in Rutherglen, Lesley had thought about contacting a couple we met on our trip to Lake Eyre who live in Yarrawonga which is nearby. Lesley had kept in contact with Lyndy via Facebook over the years. But Lyndy’s
Facebook entries showed that she was in Europe at the time. Soon after posting on Facebook that we were in Tocumwal, Lyndy posted invitation to drop by for a cup of tea at her place which was about a 30 minute drive away.

We woke on Wednesday morning watching this flock of ducks outside our caravan.

Soon we were on our way to Yarrawonga. After a short drive we suddenly saw water ahead of us. It was Lake Mulwala, an artificial lake created by a weir across the Murray. The lake was created to irrigate the surrounding area. The town Mulwala on the New South Wales side, links with the Victorian town of Yarrawonga via a narrow bridge. According to folklore “The bridge was started from both ends, each by the respective state government. Unfortunately, they didn’t coordinate their efforts, and the bridge has a dip and a bend in the middle to make the two ends meet.” We found the home of our friend soon enough – on the lake between the weir and the above mentioned bridge. We enjoyed meeting up again – it was like we only met yesterday. Exchanging life stories over a cup of coffee (in preference to the cup of tea originally offered), overlooking the lake was a treat.

After our visit we had a walk around Yarrawonga, a pretty town, although lacking the charm of nearby Rutherglen.

Actually Social Media is amazing. Soon after Lesley posted we were at Town Beach on the Caravanersforum she received a personal message that Wayne and Nini who had been at the Town Beach half an hour ago. Soon enough they returned to the beach and introduced themselves. It was great to meet up with an other member of the caravanersforum. Wayne took this photo of us.

Another couple that we met at the Whitfield gathering, Eddie and Janet, who live in nearby Cobram, arrived as well to have a chat. And Peter and Raena whom we met at other gatherings arrived in their van on the second day – although I think that was more a coincidence.

We enjoyed a walk through the little town Tocumwal. We had lunch at Tocumwal Antiques and Tea Room sitting outside in their lovely garden.

We refilled a gas bottle at the local service station – $39.00 – the most expensive refill by far.

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  1. Peter says:

    Yes Lesley it was a coincidence we were 2 days ahead of our schedule as we had the awning blown off at Nyah. Could not get the Swan Hill repairer on the phone so we drove down to Cobram to have it fixed. Glad we did as we would have missed you and Eddie. It is a lovely filled up every night after you went. Next time you will have to go to the big strawberry though. Stawberry sundaes that you would kill for.

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