Macquarie Woods. Second day

It was a cold night. The morning felt even colder. But with the help of our diesel heater the caravan soon warmed up to make it bearable to have a hot shower. Venturing outside was a different story. A cold wind was howling across the hill top. It was almost 10:00am by the time I ventured outside, wrapped in my best winter gear.

I attempted to tighten a screw on our UHV aerial to prevent it from turning. But the metal was so cold, I had to postpone my efforts. A cup of tea in my hands relieved the pain of the cold. The sun was shining but all the same we were cold.

Eventually the sun warmed us up a little bit and I went for another walk around Macquarie Woods. I tried to figure out the significance of the name Macquarie to this area, having seen some plaques the previous day talking about a gathering of the Macquarie clan in the area. I speculated that it must be the name of the original settlers. But this assumption was soon dispelled.

I love willows – especially in this light.

I was searching for a geocache in this area – but no luck. I am not fond of mystery caches, where the cache is not at the location given, but you should be able to work it out from the coordinates. In this instance the clue was ‘The cache is some 40 of my feet behind the above coords.’. But in which direction? Perhaps the cache has disappeared – the last logged find was nearly 4 months ago. I certainly agree with the owner of the cache ‘A very pleasant walk!’.

Many different trees were planted in the area. Some of them are fruit trees. I couldn’t identify many of them. This one I am certain of: Chestnut tree. It reminded me of ‘Heissi Marroni’ in Switzerland. They are available at street corners throughout winter and are excellent handwarmers to hold! If you don’t know what Heissi Marroni is – watch this youtube video. I could have used some of these handwarmers in the morning!

The other tree that I recognised was a Loquat tree. This reminded me of a big Loquat tree in the yard when I lived in Chidlows. We used to eat them straight off the tree, spitting out the large seeds as we went along. It is a strange tree in so far that it flowers in autumn/early winter and bears fruit in spring.

Our campspot from across the pond.

I found this feather which must be from one of the ducks.

Solar panel catches the late afternoon sun.

We packed up everything in the evening so that in the morning there wouldn’t be a need to touch those cold metal parts.

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