Port Macquarie

24th to 27th April 2013.

Getting to Port Macquarie from Coopernook State Park was easy. The Pacific Highway is double lanes in each direction here. We did get a bum steer in regards to a dump point in Laurieton. From Laurieton we followed the coast road. The drive along the coast was quite nice.

During the 3 days in Port Macquarie I took one photo. I guess that indicates how much we enjoy big towns like this. This is just a short walk from the caravan park we stayed in.

Jordans is a small caravan park, right on the river front. Not that you see the river from the caravan area – that is reserved for the cabins. But it is a short walk down the embankment to be right at the river’s edge. The caravan park is really nice – we don’t really enjoy caravan parks as a general rule. But this one is quite small, the amenities are spotless and as caravan parks go, this one is close to perfect. I certainly can recommend it.

Next to the caravan park is Mykanos Tavern – a Greek style tavern right at the waterfront. We enjoyed dinner on Friday night at the tavern. After the meal, the host joined us for quite a long chat. This is probably a Greek tradition – but it reminded me of the Restaurant Schweizerhof in Illighausen in Switzerland (my experience dates back to the 1960s). The owner of the restaurant was a very close friend of my mother. She always used to assist her husband Hugo in the kitchen, but once the meals were prepared, she considered it was her duty to mingle with her guests. And it wasn’t superficial talk – she shared her personal life with her patrons. Similarly, the hostess at Mykanos Tavern shared her personal experiences with us – of course we returned the favour and talked about our life on the road. It is rare that you find this close a relationship between patron and customer. Entrees and Mains with a bottle of white wine came to $99.00 – not bad value for the quality of the food. Check out the reviews on tripadvisor.

We were in Port Macquarie for a medical appointment on Friday. All went quite well and the experience with the doctor was really good. I wished all doctors had similar relationships with their patients.

Not much else to report from Port Macquarie. Lesley got a haircut and a pedicure. I managed to get the LandCruiser washed. In a way a waste of time as we were due to be on dirt roads soon. But at least we started out with a clean car (well sort of…)

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