To Coopernook State Park

Tuesday, 23rd April.

From Barrington Reserve we were heading towards Wingham. We intended to stay at the ‘Mick Tuck Riverside Reserve’ ‘CAW6 NSW #88’, but when we arrived, we found it not suitable for us: Close to town, many locals and not many choices where to put the van. Nice spot for a walk though.

We stopped in Wingham for a look around. Another pretty town with a green park in the middle of the town. Many historic buildings.

We had lunch at Bent On Food, a nice café in the main street. We both had a ‘Deluxe egg & bacon roll – egg & bacon roll with tasty cheese and avocado’ from their menu and a Cappuccino. Yum – all very tasty and friendly service. They also offer cooking classes and we noticed a leaflet about a cooking tour to Vietnam. Wouldn’t that be nice. Here is a blog post about last year’s tour.

We decided to head on. We didn’t quite understand how our GPS was sending us – but I persisted with it, till it became quite evident we were not going to get anywhere. The sign ‘Road Closed in approx. 14km’ should have made that clear. Anyhow managed to turn around the caravan in a road junction.

Later we were again uncertain were the GPS told us to go. Drove down the road we thought it pointed to – GPS tells us to turn around. We are on a dirt track, have been for some time. The track is hardly wide enough for a vehicle, let alone to turn around. I back up the van about 100 meters. Backing with the van is not my forté but managed in the end with some corrections.

Finally ended up in a campsite ‘Coopernook State Park’, ‘CAW6 NSW #84’. Certainly not the site we were intending to stay – all the same a good alternative.

I checked for a geo cache nearby. I went for a stroll – just 100 meters from our camp spot. It was easier to come back to the van to sign the logbook than to balance the book on my knees! The photo is proof that I am a lefty. Obviously Lesley’s photo.

This cache is part of a 201 series of caches that stretches over 160km. Would be great to have the time to follow them up, especially as the scenery seems to lead through beautiful countryside.

I am having some problems with everytrail – for some reasons it stops recording sometimes. Otherwise you would see our travelling path after Wingham as quite a strange route.

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