Tia Falls

Sunday, 28th April, 2013

We decided to take the Falls Walk

All along the way, we had glimpses of the falls through the trees.

When we reached the Falls Lookout, the falls were spectacular.

The sound of the falling water can be heard from afar. Indeed, we could hear the sound from our camping spot in the middle of the night.
(Lesley’s photo)

To get an impression of the falls and the sound, check out my video on youtube. Make sure to turn on the sound as that is the main purpose of the video.  

Looking in the other direction, (down river) an incredible vista of the gorge cut by the water into the Great Dividing Range opens up.
(Lesley’s photo)

I really enjoyed the walk. We didn’t venture on the longer walk, but as this is meant to be the more interesting walk, I was happy to give the longer walk a miss.

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