To Tia Falls

Saturday, 27th April, 2013
Leaving the caravan park in Port Macquarie, we wanted to start the trip with an empty cassette. What a different experience the dump point in Port Macquarie is, depending on the day of the week. Being Saturday, the dump point in an industrial area, there were hardly any cars in the street. Whereas the day we arrived, it was bedlam with many cars everywhere. This Saturday morning there were almost no cars in the street and we managed to do the deed quick smart.

We were heading out towards Wauchope on a dual highway. There was a country market in Wauchope and people and cars everywhere. No chance of stopping here. When we passed through Timbertown, we spotted an IGA supermarket and were able to get a loaf of bread. Soon after Timbertown, the road started to climb. It is an incredible winding road for more than 100km. Up and down – but mainly up the dividing range. Normally I am quite happy to drive for a couple of hours. But along this road I was buggered within a short time. I don’t think we will be driving up the range along this road again if we can help it. The road itself is in good condition. Well maintained and signposted. They even have signs telling you how much further it is to the end of the winding section. All the same Lesley says ‘anytime we drive along this road again will be too soon’.

Eventually we got to the top and speed limit increased to 110km/h.

We passed a road pointing to Tia Falls. But the GPS wanted us to go further. Once again the GPS was wrong. We turned around at a rest area and drove the 5km on dirt road to the Tia Falls camping ground [CAW6 NSW #321]. Not many camping spots here, but we managed to find a spot to back into.

The camping areas all have table and benches as well as a fire pit. There is a chopping block as well. Really nice setup. We were very happy with the spot we found. Only downside: Not much sun on the solar panels.

Soon enough I had a fire going in the Choofa that Bob made for us. Lesley put a roast into the Camp Oven and some vegetables.

Notice the glass of wine on the table in the background? An essential ingredient of camp oven cooking.

I am not playing with words – red wine really adds that special flavour to the meal. There are some 2 glasses of red wine, garlic and a grated lemon (frozen lemon grated) in the bottom of the camp oven. The meat (a blade roast) and vegetables were placed on top of a trivet in the camp oven.

It turned out to be a super meal.

Looks a bit messy – I started to eat before taking the photo. In the foreground a bit of horseradish – goes really well with beef roast. Vegetables are potatoes, carrots and sweet potatoes. We really are doing it tough…

Sundown was close and it made for some magic light in the forest surrounding the gorge.

We haven’t gone on the walk to the waterfall viewing area yet. There is another day tomorrow to do just that.

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