Walcha, Apsley Falls, Apsley Gorge

Sunday 28th April, 2013

After our walk in the morning we were ready to replenish the calories spent. Having the choofer still set up from the previous night, it didn’t take us long to get the fire going again for jaffles for lunch. Baked Beans between two slices of bread, sealed by the heat in the jaffle iron.

Dinner was also on the choofer- pork chops cooked on top of an ALDI griddle plate.

Sliced Zucchini were also grilled on the plate – obviously for less time.

Monday, 29th April, 2013
We were thinking of moving on to Apsley Falls [CAW6 NSW #324] – instead we decided to stay put with the van as we had such a nice setup and just take a drive to Apsley Falls to have a look around. This also gave us the opportunity to drive into Walcha and fill up with diesel, without the van on the back. This is always an easier option.

On arriving in Walcha you are greeted by a huge wooden carving spelling the towns name. Driving further into town, you notice many more wooden carvings. This is what the brochure from the Information Office says:

In 1996, Walcha Council was approached by Stephen King, a local farmer and sculptor, to collaborate with him to create a fountain sculpture for McHatton Park in the centre of town.
The decision to accept his offer and install Walcha’s first sculpture lead to the suggestion by Council to form the Walcha Arts Council to facilitate an ongoing public art program. A plan was conceived and drawn up by the Walcha Arts Council and was adopted by Council into its 1998 Management Plan. The concept came to be known as the Open Air Gallery.

Download the brochure here and a map to go with the brochure here. There are 41 artworks listed.

This wooden train is displayed on the footpath in the middle of the street.

This chap is holding up the post of a verandah.

In a hardware store I purchased a fitting for our water filling system. Talked with the chap about the road up from Port Macquarie. ‘A shocker. I hate driving it although I have driven it many times. Never get used to it.’ Asking for a good place to have a coffee, he recommended ‘Walcha Royal Cafe‘ just the other side of the bridge across the Apsley River. We walked across the bridge and I enjoyed the autumn colours on the trees flanking the river.

Cappuccino was as promised, there even is a sign, ‘Best Coffee in Town’.

This is what Lesley said about the place on facebook (her photos):
Would this put you off your breakfast? — with Erich Nussbaumer at Walcha Royal Cafe and B&B.

Or this? Obviously the cafe owner is not a fan!

It certainly didn’t put us off our breakfast, in a gazebo next to the alien shown above.

We continued our walk through town checking out diesel prices at service stations. 9 cents per litre difference! When a refill is more than 100 litres, this makes quite a difference. Paid for the cappuccino! Some interesting buildings in town, this one is opposite the Walcha Royal Cafe.

To find out more about the past of Fenwicke House, check out the brochure for the historic walk.

The art gallery.

On the way back we stopped at the Apsley Falls. From the car park, it was a longer walk to view the falls as well as the gorge. A hanging bridge led across the river.

(Lesley’s photo)

The view up and down river was beautiful.
(Lesley’s Photo)

(Lesley’s Photo)

I spotted this heron from the bridge.

The path leads through wooded area with farmland adjoining.

The start of the falls.

The whole area is a National Park and therefore trees that fall are left to rot.

Further along you get to Little Falls. (Lesley’s Photo)

The bigger fall is up the right hand arm of the gorge, around to the left. (Lesley’s Photo)

Lesley on one of the viewing platforms. As you can see, the landscape around here is rolling hills – only to be carved up by the river’s deep gorges.

To return to the car park we followed the same path across the bridge.

We checked out the camp site here [CAW6 NSW #324]. It has more sites, the sites are more level but I think all sites would require unhitching.

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2 Responses to Walcha, Apsley Falls, Apsley Gorge

  1. Amy says:

    Finally caught up! I’m really enjoying all the great photos of the scenery and the buildings in the small towns. Some of the architecture in those places is amazing! Good to see you’re getting use out of that jaffle iron! 🙂 glad to see you’re having a great time!

    Lots of love

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