Sculptures in the scrub – addendum

If you have been reading my blog post about the sculptures in the scrub, you might have noticed that there was no photo of the sign for the fifth sculpture, the one with the mosaics. There is a good reason for that: there are no explanatory signs. Having good internet tonight, I came across numerous stories on ABC relating to these sculptures.

The sculptures were created in Baradine, in a special studio created for the artist.

If you are at all interested in these sculptures, especially if you were interested in the mosaic sculptures, follow the above links. The stories revealed are quite moving. These sculptures are about mothers and appropriately they were unveiled on Mother’s Day 2012. By coincidence it is Mother’s Day 2013 as I post these links.

The sculpture has a theme of women, mother earth, regeneration and celebration of biodiversity. Pamela has developed the design in collaboration with the Gawambaraay Pilliga Co-Management Committee, and the sculptures reflect the diverse wildflowers and wildlife of the Pilliga, along with local stories such as the cautionary tale of Mother Tongue Bung who whisks children away if they’re not home before the sun goes down.


PS: also check out the Sydney Morning Herald article

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2 Responses to Sculptures in the scrub – addendum

  1. Peter Wigant says:

    Dear Lesley and Erich,
    Very (!) interesting to see how the mosaic-sculptures were made, especially as I’m currently doing a mosaic butterfly. Same style as the egret.
    Enjoy your trip (and on-road handy-work)
    Love Peter

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