To Walgett

Saturday, 11th May 2013
From Pilliga we had about 40km to Burren Junction on dirt road. But the road was in good condition allowing speeds around the 60km/h. Fron Burren Junction we were on sealed roads – very flat country, scangauge often showed 12l/100km. Actually between Gunnedah and Walgett we averaged 19.5l/100km. This included quite a bit of dirt roads.

Not much to say about Walgett. We stayed at a free campsite [CAW6
NSW #397]. Got some fuel. Did a bit of shopping at IGA supermarket. We had good internet connection and caught up with various social networks as well as general news.

Walgett has plenty of water from bores. This is a pool that is fed by a bore.

There is a multiple geocache here. I don’t really like these caches. Basically you start of with a GPS location where clues are revealed to the next location. In this case it talked about the number of spouts in the fountain. As you can see there is no fountain – it is not operational at the moment. I give up.
This is the camping area – you can see the caravan in the background.

The sign is explaining the aboriginal significance of the area. It certainly points out the inequality that aborigines were treated with in the past. In a way we can feel for the animosity that we sometimes perceive as we encroach on their territory.

To read more about the Aborigines in Walgett, check out this link:

The town slogan displayed at the entry to Walgett ‘where two rivers meet’ does not relate to the Darling as I first thought. It is the Namoi that flows into the Barwon near Walgett. The Barwon in turn joins the Culgoa river between Brewarrina and Burke and both lose their names and the river is known as the Darling River from the convergence onwards.

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