Along the Dowling Track – at Kilcowera Station

Friday, 17th & Saturday 18th of May 2013

Lesley did the laundry at the campsite while I was working on getting the blog up to date. Not that I could update the blog on the website – internet connection is almost non-existent during the day. At night it improves.

Once the laundry was on the line, we took off for a trip around the property. It is hard to imagine the size of the station – our trip was around 70km, all on station tracks. We only drove part of the recommended trip.

First stop was at the Red Hole, a waterhole in red soil.

Many birds were on or around the hole. Here a couple of spoonbills.
(Lesley’s Photo)

Birds of prey circling close to the Red Hole.

Some ducks

(Lesley’s Photo)

On we went along the track. (Lesley’s Photo)

We arrived at the Bottom Tank – obviously a popular spot for the cattle.
(Lesley’s Photo)

(Lesley’s Photo)

The track was fairly rocky at times.

We stopped at a lookout.

In the distance you can see Lake Wyara which we had visited from Currawinya NP, but from the south east. We could have driven closer to it – all the same we would have been miles from the lake and we didn’t fancy the walk.

(Lesley’s Photo)

(Lesley’s Photo)

Nice scenery all around.

I think this is the spot we had lunch – sandwiches Lesley had prepared, taken along in the Engel. It was a bit of a competition with the flies who would finish first.

We stopped somewhere to have a look at caves. Everything is signposted at the track so it is fairly easy to follow the trip descriptions.
(Lesley’s Photo)

(Lesley’s Photo)

The return path leads along a different route. We stopped at Murderer’s bore, where the above picture was taken. The story goes that, in the early 1940s, this bore was drilled by a guy a bit hard up for cash. The contract stipulated a price per foot drilled. He claimed to have drilled the bore almost twice as deep as the bore actually was. As his worker knew that it was not as deep as was claimed and was owed his wages, he needed to be eliminated. The contractor killed the worker, burned him and crushed the bones and threw them in the bore.

Once the worker was discovered to be missing and the bore area searched. The murderer was convicted by an analysis of the bone fragments found in the bottom of the well. Apparently this was the first conviction in Australia purely based on forensic evidence.

We saw quite a bit of wild life on this trip. Plenty of Kangaroos:
(Lesley’s Photo)

(Lesley’s Photo)

We also saw a wild pig and many emus.

Dinner was again at the campfire:
Me tending the fire:
(Lesley’s Photo)

This time it was sausages.

In the evening we sat outside enjoying the changing view.
(Lesley’s Photo)

(Lesley’s Photo)

Not much to report of Saturday. Just sat around the camp site, reading and enjoying the view. Although at some stage we went back inside as the wind was quite fresh.

Curried Prawns for dinner cooked inside the van.

View the map of our explorations on Kilcowera Station here.

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2 Responses to Along the Dowling Track – at Kilcowera Station

  1. Hello, Erich. Such a great place to camp. I really enjoyed reading this and looking at your photos. I’d never heard of Outback Beds. You’ve inspired us as we always wished we had been jackeroos when we were younger – this would be the next best thing. Happy trails.

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