An other day in Blackall

We decided to stay for another day in Blackall, the forecast was for a fine day and that would help to dry everything out. We went up to the tourist information centre to pay for an additional day camping.

The Tourist Information is housed in Ram Park, a park displaying some of the the living history of the Blackall district.

The Big Ram signifies the importance of the sheep and wool industry to the area.

We walked into town to buy meat from the local butcher. On the way we passed Jackie Howe’s statue – but now it is wearing a woolly jumper, a scarf and a cap! Even the sheep is wearing little socks.

This is probably in preparation for the Blackall Heartland Festival to be held this coming weekend. Jackie Howe isn’t the only one decorated in wool, by the weekend several statues should be clad in wool. He looks lovely in his beanie.

On the way back to the caravan I noticed this kookaburra sitting on a post. Lesley took all the groceries and let me get on with trying to get a photo. I was amazed how close I was able to go.

We went for a walk down to the river. I had seen some interesting birds in a tree earlier and hoped to get a photo of them. I thought they were hawks or eagles – in hindsight they probably were black kites. We saw a number of these birds circling above, but none in the nearby trees. We passed an eagle – although not a real one. The statue ‘The Eagle and Nest’ was created out of scrap metal found around the area. The wooden pole had an earlier life as part of the wooden bridge that used to cross the river Barcoo here.
(Lesley’s Photo)

The river itself was pretty dry, despite the rain we had over the previous 48 hours.

There were a couple of puddles and this egret seems to have found something interesting.

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