To Isisford

Friday, 24th May 2013

The drive to Isisford was on sealed roads. Fairly narrow and in places quite rough. Some of the cattle grids needed to be negotiated at very low speed. In these spots the road was marked by wheel rims of those that travelled too fast. I wonder how many tyres have been shredded here.

We saw so much road kill, mainly kangaroos, but also some wild pigs, I believe. What else could possibly have spots on the back? By coincidence tonight we saw a news item about the population increase of kangaroos in the outback. They quoted the ratio of sheep:kangaroo heading in favour of the kangaroo. I think this is is not necessarily because of an increase in kangaroos, but also because of a decline in sheep, due to economic conditions.

Within 2 hours we were in Isisford. After paying our dues at the council office we found ourselves a spot near the Barcoo River, just outside of town. [CAW6 QLD #687]

We are quite happy with the spot. All the same we were interested in exploring the other camping area, Oma Waterhole, near to Isisford. It is further downriver along the Barcoo, quite a drive from the centre of town. It isn’t in the CAW6 book. Driving out to this other camping area, we spotted these brolgas.
(Lesley’s Photo)

Along the way we came across this memorial, marking the spot where Sir Thomas Mitchell turned south to return to Sydney.
(Lesley’s Photo)

When we finally arrived at the river I spotted this tinny exploring the river. There were many camp spots along the river.

Certainly an alternative to the campsites near to town. On our return we took a side trip to the Little Oma Waterhole. Very pretty and it would be possible to camp close by.
(Lesley’s Photo)

(Lesley’s Photo)

On our Mud Map of Isisford there was an area marked as ‘Firewood’. I didn’t quite know what to expect. Surely there wouldn’t be neat wood piles, all pieces cut to the same size as I had seen many times in Switzerland? This certainly was not an accurate image. The firewood area simply is an area where we were allowed to gather firewood. We collected quite a bit of wood and stored it in the LandCruiser – not sure whether it will sustain any fire for long, but it certainly will provide a start for a good fire.

We went for dinner at the local pub. Unfortunately not that great an experience. Lesley cooks a much better meal.

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