Isisford – Sheep & Wool Show

Saturday, 25th May 2013
On this Saturday the Isisford Sheep and Wool Show was on. We certainly had to check it out. One of the displays that interested me was the Wool Selection competition. Prizes in this section amounted to $2100. For me the difference in fleeces between the winners and the “also rans” was not obvious, but of course it was the first time I looked at a fleece close up.

There was also a photography competition with many different categories. Some amazing photos were entered. I must say I didn’t always agree with the judge’s choice – but of course photos can not really be judged objectively – there always is an element of personal opinion involved. I certainly agreed with the overall winner – a black and white photo of a storm cloud over a country scene.

Of course there are always food stalls – which inevitably interest me. The Lions Club had quite a menu and we chose a steak burger – pretty good. To go with that, a cappuccino from a van run by Drawn In Cafe.

Once brunch was out of the way, we walked around the showgrounds.

The Sheep Dog Trial competition just started as we were walking past. The sheep need to be driven through various obstacles until they finally have to be herded through a gate.
(Lesley’s photo)

At the start of the trial, the handler is not allowed to move from the post, directing the dog with commands to drive the sheep in the right direction. Find out more about the Sheep Trials here.

This particular pair was out of luck, as one of the sheep jumped the fence, resulting in immediate disqualification.

Watching the sheep trial.

I admire the skills of the handlers as well as the way the dogs seem to know what is required.

While we were watching the sheep trials, at the back of us were some riding competitions.

I kept on switching focus from one event to the other.

We left the sheep trial not because we were bored, but because a cold wind was blowing and I was getting too cold.

We returned to the camp site, not doing very much. Soon it was time to light the fire. Lesley cooked a great beef stew in the camp oven, using gravy beef.

While cooking dinner, I noticed a kangaroo close by. Once again the camera was not at hand.

I love the lifestyle…

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2 Responses to Isisford – Sheep & Wool Show

  1. Love sheep dog trials. Thanks for letting us revisit them. (We had our 150th Show at Yass this year. It was our first time at the local show and featured the Light Horse riding display, even a poets’ breakfast.)
    I love in your photo (no. 10) that the rider is wearing a tie! Would love to know the story behind that one!

    • Thanks for your comments. For us the sheep dog trials are always the highlight of a local show. The connection between dog and handler is amazing.

      I don’t know the story about the tie – but I must say there were many people quite formally dressed for the occasion. Perhaps it is customary in the country.

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