Another day at Isisford

Sunday, 26th May 2013
Our third day here. This is really a nice place. Lesley did the washing first thing in the morning. I wrestled with plumbing to the outside tap – unsuccessfully. I also screwed the lids onto the battery boxes. I haven’t had to lift the lid in 6 weeks, so I might as well screw the lids down.

We went for a walk along the river. I didn’t realise that so many people are camped along the river. We heard plenty of birds, plenty of little birds that flit around very fast, hardly enough time to look at them, even less time to take a photo.

We saw some beautiful trees.

We heard the windmill clunking before we could see it.

Lesley spotted this spider in it’s web.
(Lesley’s photo)

At the weir we saw a few water birds.

As this goat has a collar, it must belong to somebody.

Back at the caravan we sat and watched the world go by. Kookaburras were laughing nearby.

Last evening I saw a kangaroo fleeing as I approached it. This evening, I think the same kangaroo watched us at a distance.

Black Kite soaring above us.

Dinner was cooked in a fry-pan, straight on top of the glowing coals. Fish fillets cooked in butter in a frying pan..

A coleslaw accompanied the fish and made for a beautiful meal.

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3 Responses to Another day at Isisford

  1. Chris M says:

    Does this mean the fridge part has not yet arrived?

    • Yes, that is correct. Estimated time of arrival between 4 and 5pm on Friday. We will not make it to Winton in time to join the tag-a-long to Alice Springs. We have decided to make the trip all the same. We will travel to Alice Springs on our own. Perhaps we will be able to catch up in Uluru before travelling the second part of the Outback Way.

      • Chris M says:

        Bear in mind that Kay and Bruce and ourselves leave Curtin Springs (just East of Uluru) on the GCR on 13 June and you are welcome to join us.

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