Ilfracombe, Longreach – Part 2

On our trips into Longreach we noticed this fence. Every post along the fence has been catching tumble weed, creating these incredible patterns.

With a bit of wind behind them, these weeds tumble along the ground until they are stopped by something. These tumble weeds are commonly referred to as spinifex but I understand that they are a different grass.

On Thursday we had quite a dull day, the sun only coming out in the evening. It made interesting patterns as the sun and shade travelled across the landscape behind our caravan.

To the west, the clouds took on nice colours.

On the other side of the main road is the Historic Mile (or The Machinery Mile), a display of machinery and other historic items. Here an old shop.

A large collection of bottles – here part of the special labels with Melbourne Cup winners.

Most vehicles displayed are out in the open, but this old fire truck is housed in a shed behind a security fence.

Water carting equiment.

I checked a geocache in the Machinery Mile – not found…

The fridge part finally arrived on Friday afternoon around 5pm. We will not make it to Winton in time to join the tag-a-long to Alice Springs. We have decided to make the trip all the same. We will travel to Alice Springs on our own. Perhaps we will be able to catch up in Uluru before travelling the second part of the Outback Way. Or alternatively we might be able to join some friends that intend to travel to Laverton a bit later.

The hinge is now installed and we are ready to go tomorrow.

As a celebration (or perhaps to get over the disappointment) we had dinner at the Wellshot Hotel, just down the road from the caravan park.

We had a good meal – a pity they ran out of red wine. The preferred drink in the outback definitely is beer and not wine.

I love the fence that is around the yard.

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3 Responses to Ilfracombe, Longreach – Part 2

  1. jkmcl says:

    Have just caught up with your posts but no photos showing?

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