Ilfracombe, Longreach

Monday, 27th to Friday, 31st of May 2013

The trip to Ilfracombe from Isisford was along good roads. The sky was probably the most interesting part of the journey. The clouds created interesting patterns in the sky.
(Lesley’s Photo)

We are staying at the Ilfracombe Van Park, CAW6 QLD #354, in preference to staying in Longreach as we didn’t like the Lonreach Waterhole when we last visited Longreach. We prefer smaller caravan parks to the larger ones as you find them in Longreach. In addition, the park has a good reputation and the happy hour has been favourably mentioned.
(Lesley’s Photo)

Our site was at the edge of the park in a fairly good position, apart from having the solar panels in the shade for most of the morning.

We had a number of things that needed to be accomplished in Longreach and we made the trip into Longreach several times. Of prime importance was the post office, as we had forwarded mail to here.

At the National Bank, we replenished our cash kitty.

I had lunch at the Merino Bakery while Lesley went to get her hair done.

The tap fittings that I needed to replace for the outside tap were not easily found. The fittings I bought in Blackall were not suitable and I got a different set in Longreach, only to find they were leaking when under pressure. A second trip to the hardware store resulted in a liquid sealer instead of the plumbing tape that I had used. Fortunately this fixed the problem.

We had more misfortune when the mount for the fridge door broke. We had it replaced in November, so we are not very happy with that. We ordered a replacement mount and are now anxiously waiting for it’s arrival. We can’t travel without the fridge doors properly secured and are stuck here until we can repair it. Hopefully we can still make it for the departure of the tag-a-long in Winton on Saturday, although that looks less likely now.

Happy hour certainly is quite an event in the van park – there is a purpose built shed for happy hour, in the true outback style.

There is a roaring fire going in the Happy Hour Shed.

Campers sit around long tables exchanging travelling notes and generally having a great time. There even is Bush Poetry provided by the owners.

We had some really good laughs when listening to some of the stories re-told.

The caravan park organises a tour of The Langenbaker House every day at 4:00pm. This house was brought to Ilfracombe in 1899 on horse drawn wagons.

The house was occupied by the family and one of the sons lived in it till his death in 1991. It has been acquired by the shire and left as it was when Bernie died.

In the above photo on the very left, you can see the top of a sceptic tank which the council required for the house. Bernie complied indeed, but never connected the bathroom toilet nor the bath to it. Neither were ever used.

Following are a few photos inside the house.

Amazing that as late as 1991 some people in the country lived like that.

The outside washing line.
(Lesley’s Photo)

and the outhouse.
(Lesley’s Photo)

If you are interested in the recent history, provides much more about The Langenbaker Family and this house.

Galahs on the phone line just outside The Langenbaker House.
(Lesley’s photo)

(Lesley’s photo – cropped)

To be continued in a second post.

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