Into Northern Territory, 41 Mile Bore

Thursday, 6th June 2013
After a departing photo in the riverbed in early morning light, we took off towards the Northern Territory.

The border was not far.
(Lesley’s photo)

I knew there was a geocache in the area ‘Top End?’. It is named like this as it is between the two signs welcoming to Northern Territory and Queensland respectively. So is it in Queensland or in Northern Territory? According to the cache owner, it turns out to be in NT.
Signing the log book.
(Lesley’s photo)

We entered Northern Territory, a first for both Lesley and myself.

We drove through fairly flat countryside on the Barkly Highway, a good road. Speed limit here is 130km/h. Apart from a section that was being worked on, I managed to keep to speeds above the 80km/h. Indeed for much of the way I had cruise control set at 90km/h. The cruise control did an excellent job at keeping fuel consumption down. We originally intended to stop for the night at Barclay Homestead. Considering the good progress, we decided to push on after a short lunch break at this road house. I think this is the first road house I have been to that has a well stocked bar.
On the way we saw some beautiful clouds.
(Lesley’s photo)

From Winton onwards we have seen a gradual change in native animals. Previously we frequently saw kangaroos and emus, not only live ones but also plenty of road kill. This gradually eased – now we haven’t seen an emu or kangaroo for quite some time. Road kill also diminishes and today we hardly saw any and one of the animals dead on the road was a feral cat. Even as I sit here writing the blog in the shade of our caravan, a feral cat wanders by, not paying any attention to us. This is miles from any population.

We have also seen a change in the birds feeding on the dead animals. Earlier the birds were mainly black kites, this changed to crows and now we see wedge tail eagles flying off as we approach.

We stopped at 41 Mile Bore [CAW6 NT #7] a pleasant free camp with plenty of space. I took a few photos around the camp grounds.

I am still fascinated by the ant hills in the area. In the book that I am currently reading (Territory by Judy Nunn), they talk about magnetic ant hills because they always are aligned north-south. I had to investigate that. I found that most of the ant hills are more or less round so you couldn’t really say they were aligned in any particular direction.

But this particular ant hill has a definite line to it and it does point north-south. Photo taken around 2:30 pm NT time.

Some weird shapes.

No internet or phone connection here.

We booked a site in a caravan park in Alice Springs for Sunday night. If all goes to plan we should be able to make it.

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