Devils Marbles – Sunrise

Saturday, 8th June 2013
When looking out of the window this morning, there was a strange light. Sunrise was special and the light it threw on the rocks was different again.

The rocks in the early morning light were beautiful.

Looking the other way, the sun was throwing deep colours on the clouds it rose behind.

Even the clouds to the east took on some incredible colours/patterns.

As the sun rose higher, the intensity of the colours of the rocks increased.

I know I have gone a bit overboard with all the photos I took at sunrise. But I thoroughly enjoyed watching the changing light and snapping the photos. For me it is easy to understand why the Aboriginal people developed dreamtime stories of the creation of these rocks – they truly are a magnificent sight. The Devil Man (Arrange) dropped hair while he created a hairbelt and these dropped hairs formed rocks. As he spat he created more rocks. Read more about the dreamtime story on wikipedia.

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