to Kalgoorlie

Tuesday, 25th of June 2013
From Niagara Dam it was a fairly short ride to Kalgoorlie. On the way to Kalgoorlie we had periods of light rain, sunshine and overcast. In Kalgoorlie itself we had brilliant sunshine and torrential downpours. Strange weather indeed.

This is the only photo I took in Kalgoorlie, the clock tower next to the old Post Office. The top of the tower appears to be covered in gold, although I could not confirm this.

There wasn’t much we wanted to do in Kalgoorlie. Collect mail at the post office (a new post office, not the one pictured above). Do a bit of shopping. We also had lunch in a coffee shop. Soon we were heading out, a short distance to Lake Douglas Recreation Reserve [CAW6 WA #314]

It looked like there hadn’t been any rain here, such a short distance from the downpours we experienced in Kalgoorlie. Soon we were set up, leaving the Kedron attached to the LandCruiser.

A nice open area with plenty of space and interesting vegetation.

Good internet connection was a bonus.

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3 Responses to to Kalgoorlie

  1. Jill Joicey says:

    Did you go to Hay St and do the brothel tour ? That,s a high light of the town ..
    Lovely to read your blogs and see your photos. David is doing well will be back to cooking and shopping before he knows it !!! Are you still with Trine and Chuck ? give them my love if you are . Much love to you both XX

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