Kokerbin Rock – day 2 part 1

Thursday 27th of June 2013
Today’s plan was for a much more strenuous walk – take the track around the rock and also get up to the summit, 122 meters above the plain below. All up probably 9km, but the strenuous part is the walk up to the top of Kokerbin Rock.

We pretty much retraced our steps of the previous day. We then proceeded to the historic well.

Amazing to think this well was built so long ago and is still standing. I don’t know how deep it is – you can’t see the bottom.

Once again, the stories recounted on the boards added to the experience. The well obviously was part of a settlement and this story highlights the way people lived in this settlement close to Kokerbin Rock.

(Lesley’s photo)

Where the path to the top leaves the base, Lesley discovered this little monument.

What a lovely place to have to come back to have spread the ashes. In comparison the Swiss way of burials, where the grave is only for a duration of 25 years seems incredible. The plaque of John Theodore Hills may well disappear over the years, but the knowledge that the ashes have been spread around here, will hopefully survive in family history for a long time.

I can’t add more photos to this post. To be continued…

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