Kokerbin Rock – day 2 part 2

Thursday 27th of June 2013
I am not quite sure what I am taking a picture of. I tried to find a photo with the same time stamp. Nothing I could find would justify this camera position.
(Lesley’s photo)

(Lesley’s photo)

(Lesley’s photo)

The view on the way up.

Lesley couldn’t resist adding another pebble to the stone towers people have constructed on the way up to the top.

I loved the rock formations with the background of the various trees, varying from bright green to dull gray.

The view over the plains kept my attention as well. The green fields were so different to the landscapes we had been passing through.

The sign warns that you shouldn’t proceed any further as there is an abyss on the edge of the visible rock. No way I would go closer to the edge. I am scared of heights.
(Lesley’s photo)

Finally at the top.

(Lesley’s photo)

The view from the top was superb.
(Lesley’s photo)

(Lesley’s photo)

(Lesley’s photo)

Once on top we knew there was a geocache nearby. All we had to do was find it. Lesley once again spotted the exact location and retrieved the cache.

signed the logbook

and electronically logged the find.

I did enjoy the view across the countryside, a perspective that you normally can’t get.

Lesley adding one more stone to this pile.

We made our way back along the track that forms the border between the rock reserve and the agricultural land surrounding it. There was an additional geocache on the way, which we managed to find. Back to the caravan for a rest.

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1 Response to Kokerbin Rock – day 2 part 2

  1. jkmcl says:

    My photos from up there in 2010 were very brown! A lot of the same photos but yours much nicer being green.

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