Perth Area – part 1

Friday 28th of June to 8th of July 2013
This morning we left the Perth area after having spent 10 nights at the Keswick Convention Centre. In part it was a place to organise a number of things, in part it was a visit to see how the city that I lived in for years in the 70s/80s has changed and for Lesley it was a getting to know Perth as it is a first for her.

All the business dealings went amazingly smoothly. I was certainly surprised that I could have an eye check at 11:00am and pick up the glasses at 2:00pm the same day.

We did 4 trips that were sightseeing trips.

On Sunday 30th of June we went for a drive to Chidlow where I used to have an acre of land with a small house. The house is still standing and the wattle bushes that I planted on the street verge have grown to completely hide the house from the road. Whereas there used to be 4 houses on the street block, there now are about 25. Lots has changed. Even the nature reserve Lake Leschenaultia, has changed dramatically. It was virtually untouched, a railway dam built in the late 19th century, today it is a well developed recreation area.

We enjoyed a walk around the dam on well made paths instead of narrow tracks that existed in the 70s. We found a few of the geocaches that are hidden in the area.
(Lesley’s photo)

(Lesley’s photo)

(Lesley’s photo)



We combined the trip into Perth for organising the replacement of my driving glasses which I had lost, with a bit of sightseeing. Of course all the old buildings were there when I worked in Perth.

I enjoyed seeing some of these familiar places, places I worked and places I spent quite a lot of time in. But overall, Perth is a big city and I preferred the city as I remembered it.

In between eye testing and picking up the glasses we went up to King’s Park. The views over the city and the Swan River are still fantastic.

And the lawns are immaculate.

I took a drive along Hackett Drive overlooking Matilda Bay. I used to live for a bit over a year in sailing boats. The area where I was moored is virtually unchanged, but a new marina has been built off the Royal Perth Yacht Club, with many very expensive boats tied up there. Lots of good memories came back from the time I spent on the Swan.

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