Perth Area – part 2 City Beach, Fremantle

We had to pick up some stuff from Osborne Park. We combined this with a trip to the beach and Fremantle. We headed along Scarborough Beach Road and hit the coast at Scarborough. There certainly has been some change around here. Lots of houses have gone up – some you would call mansions. Some good looking ones and some that showed a taste very different to mine.

We headed south along the waterfront. I was quite impressed that the beachfront is kept free of houses and still shows the many dunes covered with desert plants. We stopped at City Beach for a spot of lunch and a look around. What an unusual welcome sign for a fairly upmarket restaurant, the Clancy’s Fish Bar – City Beach.

 (Lesley’s photo)

We chose seafood chowder, fish, squid, prawns, mussels, leek, celery, carrot, pernod + sourdough from their menu. Delicious – probably the best meal we had on our trip so far.

 (Lesley’s photo)

The view from our table wasn’t bad either.

 (Lesley’s photo)

For Lesley it was the first time to see the Indian Ocean. In the background you can just see Rottnest Island.

The restaurant as seen from the beach.

Driving to Fremantle from City Beach the scenery changed quickly. Of course Fremantle is a harbour and therefore you get all the industrial outlook associated with a harbour. The scene changes once again as you get into Fremantle proper. What used to be a lovely laid back town has become trendy, crowded by new developments and it appears almost devoid of people. No, I didn’t like the new Fremantle. Fremantle started changing when I still lived around Fremantle – the challenge to the America’s cup was a turning point for Fremantle.

Perhaps we didn’t do justice to Fremantle – we didn’t stop to look around. But what we saw gave us the feeling: Let’s get out of here.


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2 Responses to Perth Area – part 2 City Beach, Fremantle

  1. Walter Eicher says:

    Thank you Erich for the nice pictures

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