Perth area – part 3, Swan Valley, Guildford

I have fond memories of visiting the Swan Valley with my father many years ago. He really enjoyed the area and thought the Swan Valley wineries and scenery were more interesting than Margaret River. In part I think this relates to the fact that the Swan Valley has a much longer history, not just in wine making,

I wanted to show Lesley this area as well. We drove to Guildford hoping to pick up a tourist map, as I wasn’t sure which way to go. By chance we drove past the Swan Valley Visitor center. We picked up a map of the Swan Valley, a leaflet describing self-guided walks in Guildford and lots of advice about what to do in the Swan Valley.

Our first priority was lunch. The guy suggested a winery within walking distance of the river Sitella Winery.

It certainly is in a beautiful settings.

(Lesley’s photo)

We enjoyed watching the birds.

And eating the food.

(Lesley’s photo)

(Lesley’s photo)

A good meal that we both enjoyed.

We did go for a walk after a short visit to the wine cellar. Bushes with these flowers were planted along the path.

On the other side of the river is a different vineyard, the Ugly Duckling. We were surprised to see the grapes being so far off the ground. I don’t remember seeing this anywhere else.

These vines on the Sitella side of the river are what I am used to seeing.


We continued our journey through the Swan Valley. Next stop is a little church, All Saints Church on the bank of the river. It is reputedly the oldest church in Western Australia having been built ca 1841 and having been used as a church ever since.

The river however is not accessible, it is a long way down.

The cemetery was interesting. The upright of the wooden cross actually is a grown tree with the horizontal beam embedded into it.

What happened to this 16 year old lad at Tricc’s Island? Why did he die so young?

I love the colours of autumn – although according to the calendar it is winter now.

It was getting late in the afternoon, time to return to the Kedron Van. We will do the Guildford walks tomorrow.

We returned to Guildford to follow the self-guided walks. There are several walks all departing from the Visitor’s Centre. Guildford is an old town, the third town to be established in Western Australia, after Perth and Fremantle. Many of the old buildings are still standing and are still being used.

The river close to Guildford is fairly wide and I remember passing through Guildford on the boat with my father – the boat navigated up to Seppelts winery where the river gets narrow and shallow.

Obviously plenty of water under the kayak.

Guilford Grammar School is a very prestigious boys’ school and the buildings it occupies are amazing. I knew one of the teachers in the school very well and enjoyed seeing these buildings again.

The pattern of these bricks is quite unusual. The bricks are laid alternatively lengthwise and then side on.

These sugar gum trees were planted so long ago and they provide a special feeling to the streets of Guilford.

A celebration of the Gum Trees in Guildford.

The post office.

The town hall – art deco style.

The railway has had such an impact on the whole of Western Australia. This is the same railway that went through Chidlow and caused the dam to be built at Lake Leschenaultia.

I do enjoy these self-guided tours. Of course this area has special significance to me. I boarded the train many times to head into Perth for work.


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  1. jkmcl says:

    Waiting for part 4 now.

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