Eaglestone Rock

We arrived at Eaglestone Rock early afternoon. We set up camp close to the entrance in view of the Eaglestone Rock as well as Lake Brown, a salt lake that currently has water in it.

We debated whether we should just laze around the van of whether we should go up the rock. Rain was forecast for the region and we thought we might as well go for the walk while it was still dry. There is a geocache to be found around here as well.

Once again fantastic rock formations.

Soon we were high above the camp ground looking down the other side of the rock.

From up here we realised that the campgrounds extended much further and there were even toilets on the other side. The geocache was down the other side. Lesley soon spotted it. The cache was buried in the ground.

But this was a multicache where you had to be at this spot to understand the clue for the next one. The second one was on top of the rock again so up we went again. However we did not find the second one.

The climb down was a bit more arduous,

A beautiful sunset finished off the day nicely.

The following morning I decided to go for a walk up the rock close to where we were parked to get a look at the rock and the salt lake at the same time. As I started to walk up the rock, an eagle landed straight above me on a small tree. I was amazed at the size of the animal. How appropriate to spot an eagle at Eaglestone Rock.

I managed to get fairly close before the eagle took off.


Sunrise over the lake was very special as well.

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