Elachbutting Rock

Leaving the Kedron behind, we went for a drive to Elachbutting Rock. It was a grey, overcast day with rain imminent. On the way to Elachbutting Rock, we disturbed this bird in the middle of the road.

(Lesley’s photo)

I stopped the car and Lesley got out and managed to get a few shots of this couple of Australian Bustards.

(Lesley’s photo)

The Elachbutting Rock reserve was quite different to the other rocks we visited. Vegetation is right up to the rock and is difficult to actually see the rock. All the same, or perhaps because of it, it is quite interesting. The best place to see the rock is at the campgrounds as some of the vegetation was cleared for the campsites.

(Lesley’s photo)

First we went looking for the geocache and found it with little difficulty.

(Lesley’s photo)

In a nearby well, we could see water at the bottom.

Following the signed path, we found ourselves suddenly facing this colourful rainbow rock.

(Lesley’s photo)

What’s this tree?

(Lesley’s photo)

The fruit looks familiar.

(Lesley’s photo)

This is the stone of the fruit

(Lesley’s photo)

Once back at the van, Lesley identified it as quandong fruit, a fruit we should be familiar with as we have eaten it on several occasions at our favourite restaurant in Brisbane, Tukka, which specialises in using native Australian produce.

Another sign led us to this rock wave. Lesley is dwarfed by the size of the wave.

This tree looks very dead – but there still is some life in it and these little branches sprout out of a crack in the bark.

At one end of the wave rock there is this crack. I understand it leads into a 40 meter tunnel. I did check it out, but as the rock was quite wet, there had been a drizzle for some time, I decided not to enter the tunnel.

(Lesley’s photo)

(Lesley’s photo)

We returned to our Kedron at Berinbooding Rock and spent the afternoon in the caravan. Very miserable weather outside. On the positive side, this gave me a chance to catch up with the blogging.

Late afternoon the sun came out and gave us some beautiful light on the rock.

This shot shows the water tank as well as the channel that leads from the catchment area to the tank.

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3 Responses to Elachbutting Rock

  1. jkmcl says:

    “twas minus 3 the night we were at Elachbatting! Someone had to start the genny.

  2. Aha! so hello to a fellow geocacher! It’s good fun isn’t it? and it gives us another excuse to get out into the countryside, apart from our just-driving-for-no-reason and abandoned house hunting. Amazing, that there are caches even out there!

  3. fran says:

    again ♥ed it. thank you again for sharing.

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