On our way to Goomalling we stopped in the small town of Yelbeni in front of the museum. We stopped because we had heard an unusual noise coming from the right hand side of the vehicle. We wanted to check it out, but couldn’t find anything loose. What an interesting spot this turned out to be with stories added to the exhibits and a monument to the settlers in the area, giving occupation of the settlers. One occupation listed was ‘Windmill Expert’ or something similar, an occupation that I am sure would have been in high demand.

Wyalkatchem was the next town. This town has won Tidy Town awards during many years and it is not difficult to see why. Murals everywhere and nice gardens as well.

The town apparently has a long history of grain handling which continues today.

We couldn’t find a lunch spot that was open – the pub had a sign on the door ‘Closed due to electricity cut – opening around 12:30’ and indeed we saw electricity workers repairing lines nearby. On leaving the town we stopped at the Wyakatchem Road House and had a burger for lunch. Another customer joined us at the table where we were waiting for our burger; a young fellow and a truck driver who currently carts liquid fertilizer in a road train from Esperance to this area. We had a good chat with him.

We booked in for 3 nights at the Goomalling Caravan Park ($25/night, $12.50 concession) [CAW6 WA #541]. This is one of a number of caravan parks in Western Australia that are council owned. As caravan parks go, this is an excellent place. The amenities are spotless, the camp kitchen is well equipped. There is a dump point and water and electricity is included. We even run our air conditioner to warm up the Kedron. They have a communal fire area and around 5pm we all gathered around a roaring fire lit in an old washing machine drum. As always there were good conversations. We talked about our travels, mentioning the Great Central Road that we travelled with two other caravans. It didn’t take Sandra and Dennis long to figure out that we travelled with Kay and Bruce, a couple they had met in Hay a couple of years ago and that they had kept in contract with ever since. It’s a small world.

We had booked the LandCruiser in for a service at Northam Toyota and this is really the only reason we are staying here. On Monday we had to be in Northam by 8:00am. We had problems with our TomTom (It froze) – all the same we managed to get there before they opened.

We had a few hours to kill in Northam and walked through the deserted town – 8:00am seems to be too early to be out and about in Northam. Northam has quite a few historic buildings.

We spent quite a bit of time down near the Avon river, for a start we had breakfast in the Riverside Café. Lovely vegetarian breakfast, poached eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes on top of a rösti patty.

(Lesley’s photo)

(Lesley’s photo)

(Lesley’s photo)

(Lesley’s photo)

We received the phone call that the car was ready around one o’clock. On the way back to the garage, Lesley noticed these statues all constructed from metal parts such as nuts, bolts etc.

On our way home we took a detour to Toodyay to get back to the caravan. The drive between Northam and Toodyay follows the Avon Valley and is really pretty countryside. Toodyay is also an interesting place with a trendy feel about it.

Winter warmers for the trees…

On Tuesday, our last day in Goomalling Lesley needed to do some washing. Shortly after she hung everything on the line, a drizzle started. We decided to use the clothes dryer. Once we had taken the laundry under cover, the rain started in earnest. It has been a miserable day ever since.

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  1. jkmcl says:

    Can see that we shall have to have a look at Northam- not been there as yet.

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