Goomalling – historic walk, Jennacubbine, Toodyay

We decided to stay two more nights in Goomalling. As our third day basically was a washout, we didn’t get a chance to go for the historic walk through town. We also had run out of gas in one of our bottles and knew we could get it refilled at the hardware store. We didn’t know that it would cost us $48.00 for the refill, compared to $22.50 we paid for a refill in Mount Isa.

Goomalling is a nice country town with many historical buildings. The brochure that we picked up not only pointed out these buildings but also gives information about places that had some significance in the past but no longer exist. This gives a good impression what the town was like in years gone by.

There is a small museum located in the old school grounds. This is the machinery shed.

A mural on the old school building.

This is not the only mural in town. Several other buildings are depicting scenes of the life in Goomalling. There are various sculptures throughout the town.

A cold wind had been blowing all morning. By the time we had finished the self guided tour, we were quite cold. A cappuccino soon warmed us in the café on the main street. The place was quite busy – not something I would have expected.

We thought we would go to the Jennacubbine tavern for lunch. This is a 20km drive towards Toodyay. On the way out Lesley read up about the tavern – apparently it is open for lunch on Sundays only. All the same we proceeded to Jennacubbine and admired the old building.

There is an old church nearby which is quite impressive – you wouldn’t expect such a glamorous building in such a small place.

This was a good place to stop to see and take photos of the countryside that we admired when driving here from Goomalling. The sprouting grain crop turns the fields a vivid green, reminding me of the grass covered fields in Switzerland. Of course I am aware that the fields will soon change as the crop develops.

Our mind was set to lunch out. We proceeded to Toodyay and had lunch on the veranda of the Freemason Hotel.

Mixed Grill

Beef and Reef

We looked for a couple of geocaches without any success. One of them brought us up to the lookout above Toodyay.

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3 Responses to Goomalling – historic walk, Jennacubbine, Toodyay

  1. jkmcl says:

    But Lesley you have 2 gas bottles!!!!

  2. Lesley says:

    We have certainly learnt our lesson, Kay. We will be asking the price before the fill in future!! We were stung $38 in Tocumwal and thought that was outrageous at the time.

  3. Jill Joicey says:

    So love your blog and the photos.

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