Goomalling – Water Wise Garden

In between the road and the caravan park is the Goomalling Water Wise Garden. The garden was established by the community with water wise plants donated by members of the public.
It is a lovely spot for a stroll, looking at the plants and the many sculptures/mosaics/paintings spread throughout the garden.
I like the emus standing tall in the garden beds among the plants.


This kangaroo is at the road’s edge, just like we have seen many roos along the roads we travel.

There are several snake mosaics draped over rocks in the garden.

This little butterfly is almost hidden by plants and leaves.
These creatures look natural climbing up the rockface
They are a bit similar to this animal who came to visit us on our mat.

We came across a mob of kangaroos along a nature path a bit further up the road. Unfortunately the kangaroos are kept in very small cages,,,

I enjoy my walks and the Goomalling shire provides ample opportunities for walks with a difference,

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1 Response to Goomalling – Water Wise Garden

  1. jkmcl says:

    Certainly going to spend a few days there on way back to Dalwallinu next week.

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