Goomalling – a day of geocaching


We looked up the geocaches available in the area around Goomalling and set out to find a number of them on a round trip.

Gabby Quoi Quoi Lookout

First stop was at the Gabby Quoi Quoi Lookout. This lookout provides views over the catchment area and informs about the project to improve the land in this area and to improve diversity of species.

Some of their achievements:

  • planted 312,600 trees
  • planted 89,500 saltbush seedlings
  • planted 18,700 tagasaste seedlings
  • planted 3,950 Acacia saligna seedlings
  • sown 80 kilograms of saltbush seed
  • sown 40 kilograms of tagasaste seed
  • established 3 hectares of seed orchard
  • erected 150 kilometers of fencing
  • constructed 25 kilometers of surface drainage
  • completed 34 kilometers of deep earthworks
  • spread 172 tonnes of gypsum
  • spread 2,660 tonnes of lime
  • installed 155 piezometres
  • and worked on 104 sites in the catchment area.

The Gabby Quoi Quoi Catchment Group


From <>


I enjoyed the view from the lookout.





Lesley found the cache here.


Wongan Hills Machinery Display

There is a cache in the centre of Wogan Hills in the machinery display along the main street. Interesting facts are displayed about the machinery.


The name of the cache (Twin City) narrowed the search down a bit.

But finding this tiny cache in or on the tractor was still quite a challenge.



Wongan Hills – Christmas Rock

Another cache in Wogan Hills is located on the Christmas Rock, accessible from the Christmas Rock Walk Trail.

This is quite a long walk in, but the walk is interesting as well.






Similar to the Beringbooding Rock, water is also collected from this rock, although on a  much smaller scale.





We are quite familiar with the Resurrection Bush mentioned in the above photo, having seen it at other granite rocks. The next few photos show this bush in various stages of bloom.

(Lesley’s photo)

(Lesley’s photo)



Although I sign the log book, Lesley found the cache.

(Lesley’s photo)

(Lesley’s photo)

View from the top of the rock.

(Lesley’s photo)

(Lesley’s photo)

On the way back to the car we saw more interesting plants.



Dingo Rock

Next stop Dingo Rock.

We looked for the pit gnamma but were unable to locate it. The cache however we could track down.






Namelcatchem Reserve

There is a cache in the Namelcatchem Reserve where this old well is located. This is just a short walk from the road.

(Lesley’s photo)




Tin Dog Dowerin

Our last cache for the day is in Dowerin, near the Tin Dog.

(Lesley’s photo)

The cache is not very well hidden, almost in plain  sight. Lesley found it.



This completed our geocaching day. Lesley found six out of six caches. 

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