Goomalling – geocaching

There are 24 geocaches within a 50km radius of Goomalling. Not a bad spot to base yourself if you are interested in geocaching. You don’t know about geocaching? It is a strange activity. People hide caches and then they tell you exactly where the cache is, giving longitude and latitude of the hiding place. Your task is to find the cache and to record the fact that you found it. Your reward? Nothing at all, except the satisfaction that you found it. Seems rather pointless. Similar to sport fishing where you catch a fish and then release it.

The point is: you are having fun doing it. For me, the main reason for geocaching is the fact that you get to see places you probably would not go to. It also prompts you to go for walks, which can’t be a bad thing. Check out if you want to find out more.

It can also be a frustrating activity when you can’t find the cache and your partner finds it very quickly. A case in point: there is a cache very close to the caravan park. I went for a walk and enjoyed seeing the bushes flowering in the area.

But I couldn’t find the cache, having spent some 20 minutes looking for it. I go out again with Lesley and it takes her just a couple of minutes to locate the cache

(Lesley’s photo)

(Lesley’s photo)

Oak Park Picnic Area

There is a geocache at the Oak Park Picnic Area. As we didn’t know where this picnic area is, we put the geocache’s coordinates into our car GPS. It took us for a lovely ride amongst fields of canola and wheat.

However we ended up on the wrong side of a lake which the GPS suggested we should cross. Although the lake was dry, we couldn’t have crossed it for sure and there was a perfectly good road that Lesley managed to find.

The picnic area is a lovely spot with interesting rocks and water puddles, surrounded by swamp she-oak forest.

Lesley found the cache after a bit of a search.

Once again the geocache had brought us to an interesting area we probably would not have seen otherwise. On the way back we stopped along the road to inspect one of the trees she had spotted on the way in. Lesley has asked several West Australian people and nobody could identify it for us.

(Lesley’s photo)

(Lesley’s photo)

Next to it there was a banksia tree.

The strange thing about this tree were these growths on it.

(Lesley’s photo)

We think they might be some kind of nest, but we don’t know for sure.

After a spot of lunch at the Wongan Hills tavern we returned to Goomalling, passing this lonely church on the way.

(Lesley’s photo)

(Lesley’s photo)

Goomalling Cemetery

Another interesting cache is at the Goomalling Cemetery. This is a so-called multi cache. In this instance the coordinates of 5 service personnel were given, which took quite a bit of searching. You had to note the service numbers of the person buried in that particular grave and then use them to find the actual cache. These are the instructions.

The cache is not at the above co-ords but it is where you will find some of the information to locate GZ.

At the posted coords you are looking for the headstone of F/O George Alfred White R.A.A.F.

ABCDEF = the numeric part of his Service Number.

Waypoint 2 can be found at S31°16.830′ E116°50.064′. Here you will find the headstone of Lance Corporal A.W. Western A.I.F.

GHIJK = the numeric part of his Regimental Number.

Waypoint 3 can be found at S31°16.864′ E116°49.994′. Here you will find the headstone of Sergeant Dorothy Eileen White R.A.A.F.

LMNOPQ = the numeric part of her Service Number.

Waypoint 4 can be found at S31°16.849′ E116°50.015′. Here you will find the headstone of Patrick Leslie Ponton 28th Aust Inf Bn.

RSTUV = the numeric part of his Regimental Number.

Waypoint 5 can be found at S31°16.859′ E116°50.004′. Here you will find the headstone of Fred Chattaway 2/3 Field Regiment.

WXYZ# = the numeric part of his Regimental Number.

The cache can be found at S31°GF.PT(M+R)’ E116°TY.QCK’.

Lesley solved the puzzle and found the cache outside the cemetery.

We spent a full day looking for 6 geocaches within a 50km radius of Goomalling. I will make that a separate post.

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3 Responses to Goomalling – geocaching

  1. wandwill says:

    very interesting Erich, but just shows that you need Lesley to help, we are starting to do a blog today, keep fingers crossed that it works, Sandra and Dennis

  2. jkmcl says:

    I had a photo of a tree like that in 2010 over here but dammed if I can find it- never knew what it was though!

  3. If anybody knows the name of the tree, please let us know.

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