Goomalling to Northam drive

We have driven into Northam from Goomalling a number of times. It is just 45km on good roads through wheatbelt country. Yesterday on our last drive into Northam (we plan to leave tomorrow – but we are known to change plans…) we managed to take some photos of the scenery. We have watched the changing colour of the canola in these 2 weeks and yesterday the yellow was at its most vibrant. The following 3 photos Lesley took out of the moving car.

We had to go into Northam for a doctor’s appointment as the local GP in Goomalling is not available for caravan park residents. Apart from the doctor’s appointment we had arranged to meet up with other caravanners for a Chinese lunch. In between we spent a bit of time sitting on a bench near the river. The horse was in a different light so Lesley couldn’t resist taking another photo.

(Lesley’s photo)

On the way back I managed to stop in a convenient spot to take some photos. Love the canola!

We also stopped at a memorial cairn which we intended to inspect for the last 2 weeks.(Lesley’s photo)

A previous visit to Northam was for the ‘Christmas in July’ market  at the old railway station. This gave us an opportunity to check the museum which is housed in the railway buildings.


This building is opposite the railway station.

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