Shannon National Park

It was time to leave the Margaret River area and head towards the south coast of Western Australia. We stopped in Pemberton to have a look around. Pemberton is a Mill town. Therefore it is no surprise that most of the houses are timber houses.

The Millhouse Cafe provided a lovely lunch for us.

Lesley remarked that is was surprising to see such different roof angles on these houses.

The Mill Hall is a great old building and I think it must have provided some great entertainment in the past.


Denmark is our destination but that was just too far for a day’s drive. The weather continued to be appalling – rain most of the day. Shannon National Park was our preferred overnight stop. Heading into the National Park we soon reached the registration point. I was looking for a spot to pull off the road to allow other vehicles to pass us. Not sure why – it wasn’t that cars were queuing up. Anyhow, just a few inches to the left of the road, the ground was very soft and I could feel the wheels digging into the soggy ground. Luckily for us, we managed to pull through. We found a great spot on a concrete pad amongst wattle trees. The whole campground is located in the old town site of Shannon. I suspect that the concrete pad is the house pad of a former building. Shannon was built in 1940 to provide timber during the second world war. In 1968 the houses were sold and relocated.

I enjoyed a stroll through the area and I was amazed at the regrowth in the town vicinity.

In the morning kangaroos were nearby. They seemed to be eating fallen leaves. Unfortunately it was too dark for taking photos – the photos did not turn out. This is a great campsite. You have to be careful when it is wet. In peak season, the larger campsites are reserved for groups. But at this time of the year, this is a great spot to stop for the night.

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