After the tree top walk it was not very far to Denmark. We arrived early afternoon and it definitely was time for lunch. The first place we came across looked inviting and we went in for lunch at Ravens. What a lovely surprise. Excellent menu:

And a really good atmosphere.

The food was great. I had Spiced Chana Dhal (in the back) and Lesley had the Laksa.

After lunch we had a look around Denmark. The river Denmark flows through the town. Parts of it have been kept in its natural state.

The other side has been developed into lovely park grounds.

Some interesting buildings in the town.

Denmark has a bit of an ‘alternative’ feel about it.

Quite an unusual memorial for the armed forces who gave their lives in the two wold wars.

Flower beds everywhere.

An unusual tree in the courtyard of a shopping complex.

We really liked the town Denmark. We had been thinking of just a quick stop before moving on, but decided to stay for a night. We checked into the Denmark Rivermouth Caravan Park. Fabulous location, right at the spot where the river Denmark flows into the Wilson Inlet. View from our caravan.

We ended up staying in this caravan park for 4 nights, extending first by two nights and then an additional night. All the following photos have either been taken in the caravan park or very close to it. The birdlife is amazing here.

Australian Pied Oystercatchers

I don’t think this needs identifying.

Two different types of Cormorants.

Australian Wood Duck

Technically not the best photo – but I love the way this spoon bill is coming in for a landing.

The pelican flight is gracious.

Seagulls aplenty – but they are so common they don’t get to pose very often.

Australian Ringnecks


Perhaps a juvenile Eastern Reef Egret

Rain is near!

We think this is an Eastern Great Egret.

I am quite a long way behind in my blogging. In this post I am not identifying which photos are mine and which ones Lesley took. Let’s just say: photos by Lesley and Erich.

Actually one of the reasons for staying an additional day was to catch up with my blogging.


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3 Responses to Denmark

  1. wandwill says:

    magic photos, hope that one day I will catch up to date with my blogs

  2. jkmcl says:

    Love the wild life photos. We now at Dalwallinu for 3 nights. The GGs here for a week. we go to stock up at Northam then to Southern Cross then south the EAST

  3. Peter Wigant says:

    Dear Lesley and Erich,
    Beautiful photos. Love it.
    Kind regards
    Peter and Denise

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