Denmark – William Bay National Park

On Friday we went for a scenic drive along the Scotsdale Scenic Drive which took us into the hinterland of Denmark, through Kari Forest, grazing properties and vineyards to the William Bay National Park on the Southern Ocean Shore. The area in the Hinterland reminded me a bit of Switzerland with rolling hills covered in green grass. William Bay National Park on the other hand is nothing like Switzerland.
The rugged coastline combined with the power of the Southern Ocean are such a contrast to the rolling hills we just had driven through.
There are a lot of photos in this post. But this is just a selection of all the photos we took. The area is so stunning and I had a really hard time to select the photos. I hope that this selection will convey the awe I experienced here.
Lesley’s photos unless otherwise stated

Sooty Oystercatchers

(Erich’s photo)

I noticed this big bird feasting on Banksia as we were driving along. Lesley managed to get these photos and identified it later as some kind of cuckoo.

Erich’s photos

Lesley in her new jacket. The yellow one she was wearing on the Tree Top Walk leaked so badly that she was quite wet despite the ‘weather-proof’ jacket. This one we bought in Albany.

Greens Pool

Elephant Rocks

We have seen some awe-inspiring WA coastline on this trip, but for sustained beauty the southern coast and Southern Ocean has to win hands down. So rugged and pristine! More  to come. Wait for Mason Bay!

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