Esperance – Scenic Drive

We left Mason Bay heading further east on dirt roads. We hadn’t gone far when we came across a sign ‘road damage – slow down’. There was quite a bit of water over the road and I couldn’t really see how deep it was. Getting out of the car and investigating on foot, I decided it was safe to proceed. We managed to get through the section without problems to get to another road damage just a couple of kilometres further on. We persisted and continued along these roads carefully. There had been a lot of rain and the roads were drenched. When we came to a crossing with a bitumen road and the GPS suggested we should continue on dirt, we decided to ignore the advice of the GPS and took the bitumen road. That was a good move as we stayed on bitumen all the way to Esperance. We intended to drive to Cape Le Grand and stay in the National Park for a couple of nights. Gale force winds were forecast and weather warnings were in place. We felt it was safer to stay in a caravan park in Esperance instead.

The map shows we now are truly on the way back East.

After checking into the caravan park we went into Esperance and explored the town. In the afternoon we took the scenic drive to the west of Esperance to explore the coastline. Truly spectacular scenery and the gale force winds reinforced the impression of the powerful Southern Ocean.

Erich’s photos:

The wind was so strong, I had to ensure that Lesley’s door was shut before I opened my side of the car.

I couldn’t quite believe that anybody would attempt to windsurf. He only managed to stay upright a few seconds at a time.

Lesley’s photos:

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3 Responses to Esperance – Scenic Drive

  1. Wild but beautiful!

  2. wandwill says:

    we loved Esperance, did you go to the pink lakes ???

  3. jkmcl says:

    Just catching up reading your posts from Wirrulla- 90k east of Ceduna. $10/night everything. Stopped here in 2010 so knew what it is like. Big wash to-morrow & chill out.

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