Esperance to Ten Mile Rocks

Still catching up with my blog: 17th August 2013
From Esperance we headed north to Norseman on a fairly poor bitumen road. In Norseman we just stopped to refuel and then headed east towards the Nullarbor. The road here was much better and we made good progress. We drove past Ten Mile Rocks area having a quick look at it as an alternative to Fraser Range Station which was our planned overnight spot. We intended to stay there, as it had a dump point. However it is a very small area and a large proportion was occupied by a huge bus. So we returned to Ten Mile Rocks and set up for the night. This is a big area and we managed to drive quite a way from the road.

Flowers were once again all around us.

(Lesley’s photo)

(Lesley’s photo)

(Lesley’s photo)

(Lesley’s photo)

We lit a camp fire and Lesley cooked dinner over the fire.

map of today’s trip:

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1 Response to Esperance to Ten Mile Rocks

  1. wandwill says:

    We will be heading that way within the next few weeks, thanks for the tips

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