to Jilah Rockhole

Still catching up with my blog: 19th August 2013
We are still heading east – a long way to go yet. We passed Caiguna Blow Hole. As at most stops I checked tyre temperature on all 8 wheels and wheelhub temperatures on the caravan. By the time I had done that, Lesley had taken this photo and was back at the LandCruiser saying: not worth walking over there…

Next stop was at Jilah Rockhole. If there is a Rockhole at this place, we didn’t find it. This was another big area where we could drive away from the road.

Not many flowers here

But interesting trees.

As the sun set in the west,

the moon was rising in the east.

map of today’s trip:

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2 Responses to to Jilah Rockhole

  1. wandwill says:

    lovely, really enjoy your work

  2. Jill Joicey says:

    Ok am over Jilah Rockhole now !!! when are you home ?

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