To Andamooka

Our original plans to explore Alice Springs and surrounding area on our way back had long been abandoned. We had run out of time.
Kay and Bruce had contacted us and asked whether we would like to join them on a trip up the Birdsville track. I had been thinking about the Birdsville track as a way to get home. To travel along it with somebody else, somebody with a lot of experience, was an offer too good to refuse. We met up at the campsite at the Port Augusta Sports Club and over two days prepared our vehicles for the trip. The LandCruiser had unevenly wearing front tyres and in Perth we were told that this was not a problem of wheel alignment, but to rotate the tyres. Unfortunately the front tyres again were wearing more on the inside edge. The guys at Bridgestone in Port Augusta were convinced the wheel alignment was out. They had computerised equipment that showed that alignment was out in both directions. After some 20 minutes the alignment was adjusted and hopefully the problems are resolved. I also had to mount a new aerial as I had managed to hook up the old aerial on a tree in the Port Lincoln National Park and tear it out of it’s mounting.

From Port Augusta we headed north east along the Stuart Highway. First stop was at a lookout.

We stopped for a lunch break in Woomera. This is a military base and was a rocket launch site in the past. This type of rocket launched satellites in the 60s.

We left the Stuart Highway and headed north to Roxby Downs. This is a very modern town, not at all what I was expecting. We decided to head out to Andamooka as Kay was seeking the elusive white Sturt’s Desert Pea flower and where we knew there was a camp site at $2.20 per person per night. Andamooka is surrounded by diggings where people are looking for opals. The campsite is not pretty but has all facilities.

We unhooked the van and drove along a fairly rough track to nearby Lake Torrens, a salt lake.

Some unusual flowers. (Lesley’s photo)



We stopped at a little salt pond. The salt was snow white and actually looked a bit like snow. I loved the colours and the brilliant white.

Kay and Bruce catching up with us in the Patrol.

We also stopped at this waterhole. Would make a good camp spot, if only the track in was not that rough.



This cliff face is quite amazing especially at this time of the day with the sun behind it. (Lesley’s photo)


has a great display of the huts that used to serve as houses not so long ago.

Unfortunately, the unusually coloured Desert Pea eluded us. Just too early in the season apparently and only a few of the standard red and black flowers were around.

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One Response to To Andamooka

  1. wandwill says:

    glad to see that you are still enjoying yourselves, maybe do Alice another time ???

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