From Andamooka we backtracked through Roxby Downs, emptied the cassette and proceeded along the Borefields Road. I can’t say it was an exciting road to travel along. To put it more bluntly – boring scenery, not much change. Eventually the Borefields Road intercepted the Oodnadatta track. We now were in familiar territory, having travelled along this track a couple of years ago on our Lake Eyre trip. The Lake Eyre trip really was the starting point of our caravanning experience. It was on this trip we decided the only way to see what Australia has to offer was to travel with our own transport. The organised trips were just by far too expensive and keeping to a set itinerary which means no spontaneous detours. So this time we stayed in our Kedron Caravan behind the Marree Pub, whereas last time we stayed in a cabin at the Marree Pub.

I enjoyed exploring the area around Marree, seeing sites that reminded me of our first trip here.

The pub is very much a country pub that offers travellers a cold beer and/or a typical country meal. As we were staying for free in the grounds of the Pub, we decided to go for a beer at the Pub, which was well worthwhile, not only because the beer was refreshing, but also because the atmosphere of the pub was so uniquely outback Australia.

I decided to go for a walk around Marree -this would not have been possible when we were travelling on the bus. It was all very much an organised tour, being in places at the allotted hour.

The Birdsville track is very closely linked to the story of Tom Kruse, a pioneer who delivered the mail from Marree to the outlying areas between Marree and Birdsville, really the creator of the Birdsville track. This is one of the trucks he used to deliver the mail.

A few more impressions around Marree… a novel way to push the push mower.

Quite a few fences have been decorated with paintings.

This mural of a ruin

is contrasted by a real ruin just down the road.

This mess would benefit from a fence and paintings.

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1 Response to Marree

  1. wandwill says:

    Thanks for your comments, dont know how I got the frame, been playing around. We also have a photo of one of Tom’s truck, Dennis also has the book, very interesting read, also another book on three other postmen that did nearly the same route, Keep up your good work, we are leaving here on Monday, heading for Sandstone, then goldfields, beautiful weather here, think rain is about to set in though, Sandra Dennis and Molly

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