On the Birdsville Track

The Birdsville Track starts just north of Marree.
(Lesley’s Photo)

We saw the track from the air between Marree and Lake Eyre two years ago. From the air it looked like a well maintained road with cars travelling at high speed. Therefore I was not surprised that we were able to make good progress at around 80km/h.
Along the track Kay spotted a lizard and Bruce stopped to let her take some photos. She slowly edged closer to the lizard until she was close enough for a good shot.
(Lesley’s Photo)

We stopped at Mungerannie Hotel, part of the Mungerannie station to refuel and have a burger for lunch. Excellent meal, fuel not too expensive.

The ceiling of the pub is decorated with hats that people pinned up there.

Another section displays flags, t-shirts and other items of clothing..

Lesley spotted this bird next to the parked vehicle.

We pushed on from Mungerannie for an additional 120km and camped in a rest area. This is a large area barren of vegetation, just like most of the countryside we had been passing through. Only difference there was a dry creek with some trees a good walk from the site.
Sitting in front of the Kedron Caravan which provided shade in the late afternoon.

I went for a bit of a walk – should have taken the water bottle with me. So hot and a tiring walk.

Over near the creek.

The bull later came and investigated the waste water under Kay and Bruce’s van.

Eventually the bull walked away.

In the distance we saw three camels walk past.

We were thinking to take the ‘inner track’ to Birdsville. When Kay noticed a vehicle coming down the inside track she raced to the road to flag the vehicle down.

She talked to the driver and he assured her the track was not too bad, with a couple of sandy corners towards the Birdsville end.

After a good nights rest we woke to another beautiful day. While getting ready, we heard Bruce swearing outside. Turns out he had a flattish tyre. A quick inspection found a screw having pierced the tyre. Kay and Bruce managed to change the tyre quite quickly – I wonder how long it would take us to achieve the same.
The inside track was rougher than the road we had been on.
(Lesley’s photo)

We were driving alongside and over sand dunes.
(Lesley’s photo)

(Lesley’s photo)

Arriving in Birdsville was a bit of an anti-climax. I thought Birdsville was just a hotel and nothing else. But it is quite a sizeable settlement. We parked a little bit outside of Birdsville in an area that had been set aside for visitors to the Birdsville Races which were going to be on in a couple of days.
We went to the bakery for a couple of pies for lunch. Here I finally managed to take a photo of some Desert Peas, although obviously planted in the garden, rather than in the wild.

There already were lots of people in Birdsville and many stalls had been set up selling all sort of useless memorabilia. I can’t say I enjoyed the town, too busy and too loud. Especially the music blaring from the Boxing Tent was overbearing.

All the same we decided to stay for a night, going to the Hotel for dinner. The hotel is a hub of activity.

Dinner was great.

Once back at our caravans we enjoyed a late happy hour with Kay and Bruce. This was our last night before parting company in the morning.

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2 Responses to On the Birdsville Track

  1. Jill Joicey says:

    HI Lesley and Erich ,we were watching the news tonight and the flash back section was on the Birdsville races …and there you are , enjoying your blog still , David is very slowly moving along .looking forward to seeing you when you get home !!although I would just keep travelling if I was you !!

  2. It is great to see you all still enjoying the great outdoors. Love the photos of Kay hailing the vehicle in the great outback for a bit of a chat!!

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